We all know that in life there can be some really tragic events that seriously affect people, but my life on the other hand, hasn’t had much tragedy, that is, other than the duck incident. Yes the duck incident.

It’s one of those stories that get retold over Christmas lunch, much to my horror. To be honest, I blame my parents. I mean who gets their 6 year old daughter a duck??

At 6 years old anything that moves is a friend, and well the duck moved. Oh how much fun I had with the duck. The only issue was that at 6 years old, I didn’t know my own strength…or the fact that ducks don’t like playing on barbie furniture.

All this ‘fun’ resulted in a dead duck. I don’t know how, but I killed it. Even 6 year old me knew that was bad, so naturally I took the dead duck to pre-school in my back pack.

Apparently I have an easy face to read, especially when “I killed a duck” is basically written on my forehead.

Tragic right?? And my family will NEVER let me forget about ‘The Duck Incident’


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