To get to work I take two train trips and a short walk to the office, and to be honest it is the best part of my day.

In the A.M. people are very serious and smiles are scarce, so I spend the half an hour taking part in A LOT of awkward eye contact, getting the giggles when I lose my balance and listening to conversations of new found friends over-sharing.

The awkward eye contact is well awkward to say the least, you either look at the ground, which isn’t very interesting, or stare at peoples mid sections, not very appropriate or you can do what I do, take part in the awkward contact. Being a part of all the eye contact, I’m pretty sure I’ve spotted a few serial killers, the people who don’t look away once the eye contact is made, those are the ones you want to avoid on your exit route.

The giggles are a problem, especially when all seats are taken and I have to stand, my balance is terrible as it is but now I’m standing in a moving train and expected to not bump into anyone. I don’t know how everyone else does it, they hardly move and here’s me just trying to stay on my feet while ignoring the giggles I get at myself. These are my problems.

The over share is the most entertaining, I spent one trip listening to an older woman explaining her lawn mowing process to a younger guy who returned the conversation by explaining how much he vomits after sports fitness and not to mention the other stories that involved dogs, voting, alarms and shooting.

The journey is always better than the destination!


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