Today we spend the day spoiling our moms, posting those ever so loving family photos, and posting about the BEST mom ever, all of which I’ve already done, so now I plan on telling a story about her!

Meeting my mom you would know she is extremely kind, would probably give an arm or a leg to just help her kids, she can be funny; funniest when she doesn’t realize she’s funny. What you won’t know is that she is strong, she battled cancer and won, she obsesses over the color blue and she will chase after you if you mess with her – and some guy made the mistake of doing just that.

My mom and I had spent the day together, and it was honestly a good day, I had to sort a lot out and she helped get it done. We were on our way home and got into the busy part of town and I had my mom’s handbag on my lap and was looking for my cell phone in it when suddenly we heard a huge bang and her handbag was gone!

Everything I’m about to tell you happened in less than 5 seconds.

It took me a moment to realize what happened because I thought we had bumped into someone, but suddenly my mom was out the car, screaming and running after the random man that stole her handbag off my lap. Also something you would know, she is not the running type. It was literally BANG, bag gone, door open, mom gone, mom screaming, mom vanished, door still open, me stranded, car on, mom nowhere to be found.

 But like most stories that have happy endings, the mother chased after the bad man, screamed enough to get attention, and the people in the streets helped her and she got her bag back.

 Power to our Mothers!


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