I say that I’m awkward and people probably think I’m one of those people that believes they’re a geek because they took a selfie with glasses on…You don’t even NEED glasses!!

But seriously I’m not, I’ve been awkward my entire life, awkward things happen to me, spit makes me feel awkward, these are all real things! A great example to truly show my awkwardness is my cousins wedding..

The date was set, the couple was crazy in love all the normal wedding going on’s, but my biggest concern as a guest was my outfit, obviously. Because imagine the photo opportunities, I was ready for some selfie madness! About a month before I found my dress, a peach colored cocktail dress, it slimmed my waist and showed off my curves, I loved it. But because it’s me, something has to go wrong…in this case it was my shoes. A few days before the wedding I got a pair of wedges that fit and matched perfectly…

On the day of the wedding the family was all getting ready as was I, and everything was going well, right until I put my shoes on. Somewhere along the line I managed to buy two different sized shoes. Yes these are the things that happen to me!

I spent the entire night, including the dancing, in my different sized shoes that added a great wobble to my walk….awkward!


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