Since I was kid I hated going shopping, I would loathe going out shopping with the family because my sister would go into so many shops and just look at stuff, I just didn’t get it, but oh how the times have changed.

After a long week, I planned to go out for an hour or two just to get, “what I need,” I know right, we’ve all heard that before… After almost an hour in one shop I had nothing in my hands but also had the need to have everything in my hands, I had spent the hour looking at clothes, yes, just looking, and I finally got why my sister could just be in shops forever… Retail therapy folks, yes it works, but comes with some severe side effects. 

Side effects to retail therapy? Yes, and it’s a problem, after that hour I felt great, but I also felt the need to buy dishcloths… I don’t even own dishes, but I wanted cloths to dry them. Another one was my attraction to the red label, the SALE label, (which I have also decided is evil.) Just because it’s on sale, I wanted more, and the wanting more was justified all thanks to that 25% off sign. 

The days of me being a kid in really bad shorts and a random t-shirts are but a distant memory, all thanks to retail therapy.

Also, I got the dishcloths…


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