Dad and Sarah

The truth is, my sister is responsible for the stabbing of an unexpected victim.

Well now that I’ve got you interested you should know that my sister being the perpetrator in a stabbing is a true story… And the victim? Our dad… Now this may sound like some twisted domestic violence scandal, but actually no…More of a Christmas surprise!

My sister has always been responsible for wrapping presents, (although I have been trained and deemed good enough to wrap.) But when I was younger that was her duty and she was pretty good at it too!

One Christmas she was wrapping while watching tv and sitting on the couch, which also happened to be my dad’s favorite couch. Oh and did I mention that she was using the sharpest pair of scissors we owned to do the cutting… She finished up and cleared the couch, or so she thought. Somehow she managed to forget the scissors right in between the two cushions and perfectly upright…

That night, my dad came inside and in his usual fashion, plonked down on his favorite couch… And to put it simply, the scissors weren’t between the cushions anymore!

Needless to say, for the next few weeks my dad had trouble sitting comfortably, my sister was in hysterics even at the mention of scissors and we’ve all had a great Christmas story to tell year round!


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