The question “So what do you do?” was never a big thing while I was at school because well, that’s what I did….school and more school and every now and then I did sports, which was part of school activities.

But then, you leave school and that same question elevates to a whole new level of importance. Those five words will slap the fear of life into you like no other… seriously, what do I do??

Kids that go to varsity have the easy way out, answering with a simple, “Oh I study.” Then there are some of us who aren’t at varsity and it’s these kids that have the problem answering that question… Because no matter what you are doing, the judgement comes down when you don’t give the simple “Oh I study” answer. It’s a conversation that usually ends in, “Oh so you’re not studying”?

So yes, some of us didn’t go straight to university, some of us are doing other things…and these OTHER things have just as much value and worth as the well respected paths we supposedly “should” take.

The question is no doubt going to come up, well sooner than later for me, and I am going to answer confidently with, “Well right now I work for an International online media site called PopWrapped, I write on all things pop culture has to offer, sometimes I even get to write about how handsome Harry Styles is! I’m growing my skills by interning and writing for other national and international blogs. I even have my own blog, (You’re reading it right now.) I just finished working on a South African movie that  will be released next year. And no, right now I’m not studying.”

Never lose confidence in what you’re doing, no matter how much it goes against what you “should be doing.”

And in the words of Miley Cyrus, Let’s just carry on  “doing our thaaaang!”


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