At 20 years old there is only so much I know about life. However, there are at least 6 pieces of real life advice I can give.Now I’m not saying this is going to be a life-changing read, but if it happened to me it could happen to you!

6. The Gran Nag

No matter how much your gran irritates you by nagging you constantly about wearing a jersey… Wear the damn jersey, chances are that you’re going to get cold and sick…Think you were irritated then? Now your coughing has you up at 2 A.M.

5. Wear Gloves

Make sure you wear gloves while dying something blue. Yes, it’s exciting. Yes, your sister convinced you it was a good idea. Yes, the packet said “wear gloves.” Or don’t and spend the next few days singing “I’m blue da bu di da bu dai..” to everyone that asks why your hands are blue.

4. The Bad Hair Choice

Never and I mean NEVER cut your own bangs. It will probably take you three failed attempts and 3 terrible hair months to realize that you aren’t a hairdresser. Accept it.

3. The Chicken Chase

Chasing a chicken at the petting zoo will definitely seem like a good idea. Until the chicken is over it and decides to chase you. Well, if you’re still going to do it, at least make sure your exit route isn’t obstructed a c-saw… like mine was. 

2. The Unsuspecting Victim

Playing a game of cricket with your older sister and the neighborhood boys sounds like fun right? What you should do before going though, is test your sisters actual cricket skills, and her ability to differentiate between your head and the ball. Otherwise enjoy the trip home with her carrying you trying to convince you to act like your unconscious just “to scare mom”.  

1. Steak Egg and Chips

Literally nothing will cheer you up more than steak egg and chips will. 


Six pieces of the truest advice you will ever get, all based on real life events. Also the reason I use the saying, “Just my luck!” way too much!


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