Bum boarding… “Try it, it will be fun!” they said…

If there’s anything I learned that day it would be to NOT trust whoever “they” may be!

Based on my vast knowledge of snow, (although mostly based on corny American Christmas movies,) the idea of gracefully sliding down a giant snow covered slope on nothing but a tiny round board should be amazing! But it’s me doing it so naturally it’s bound to fail…

It was my first day I’d ever been near snow, albeit the fake stuff, I was excited and maybe a bit too confident. Confidence added to the fact that apparently your shoes need to have grip and then my complete lack of coordination. Yes, I am a triple threat.

My march up the slope was short lived to say the least, thanks to the shoes that had zero grip, but thank goodness for slope control, the man who’s job is to get people like me, up the slope. And  again with just my luck, my slope control guy just wasn’t very good at his job. Almost reaching the top, things went terribly wrong because all that I ended up with was with Mr slope controls knee perfectly colliding with my face and well, it was literally all just down hill from there! (Seriously how could I resist that joke.)

And that was just the beginning of my snowy adventures!


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