One word – Winter ’14

Harry Potter – He was the first staff member I met, took me on my tour, attempted to help me bum board, planted his knee in my face, introduced me to the amazing people and all this eventually the best times in reception, hilarious games of scrabble, well half a game, double date nights and Harry Potter – he gets it.

Cash Up – Who also happens to be roomie, but honestly most of our time together was spent either stressing, laughing or planning how to get out of cash up, but she was the usually the one who got stuck with it! The girl who also happened to be there when a stranger landed in my bed, when chad ran on my tooth brush and had me up at 3 AM with her sicknesses! And birthday punch! So good but so bad! 

Milo Cereal – The guy who saved my life that fateful morning with Milo cereal, who also happened to have a huge stash of EVERYTHING I love. Hello milk and cookies. The guy who cared enough to share his stash. He even read me his poems and laughed at my lame jokes.

Mountain – The quiet girl who just wasn’t that quiet! The girl who said the most random things that usually had me laughing for hours! The girl I climbed Ben Mac Dhui with and pretended that the walk to Lesotho wasn’t killing me! Make up, dress up and the hair I eventually got to curl! Also I may have accidentally stolen her earrings.  

Dream Team – He rejected me from the dream team but then I just about kicked his ass! 30 Seconds sudden death was intense! The only guy to ever see me twerk, the guy who never made me garlic rolls but called himself a chef! The guy who silently stared in the least creepy way but Leonnnaaard! The guy who didn’t find trouble, trouble found him. 

Nah nah nah –  Chalet 1, Gravity,  biltong, prawn chips and definitely not biscuits – except that one kind, protein shakes, tea and Star Wars Monopoly. Insults and arguments and laughs. Reception’s red couch.Hair straighteners. Chad. “PR PR for reception.” 23. Nah nah nah. Overs.

Wasted – The friendship that on that began on that night of ski burning, the moment we realized we were meant to be when this happened, ” Oh I want to play you this song my sister sent me..” with me freaking out, ” OMGEEE I love this song!” Our snow picnics, our attempts at walking up the slope, my sixth sense about your tears, your sixth sense that always had me worried! Going out in negative degree in weather in mini skirts just because! Date nights, loud singing and always there for each other.

Some of the best times of winter ’14. So many more people, so many more memories, laughs, irritations, fights and seriously awkward vibes. Jen 10, you will ALWAYS slay men, Moolah the medic, visting the clinic has never been this cool, the funniest and BEST person there Amy…Ski shop Amy… 




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