The seven words that pretty much round up my childhood.

Barefoot – Because yes, barefoot was, is, and will always be better! After a day spent running around with no shoes, I would proudly sit and pick at the thousands of thorns I’d accumulated in my poor feet. 

Plasters – My obsession for plasters has never really been understood, and they didn’t even have to be those adorable barbie plasters, nope, just those bland looking brown one’s that didn’t even stay on. And whatever the injury, imaginary or not, I LOVED PLASTERS!

Pajamas – The magical gift that we earthlings have been blessed with, the gift that only some truly appreciate… pajamas! This includes slippers, my preferred choice of clothing, the best present you could by me, what I always wanted to buy myself… just pj’s! 

Sulking – I was a sulker. Lose a game, sulks. Get’s angry, sulks. Doesn’t get what she wants, sulks. Fun kid, I know right.

Swimming – Chances are about 70% of my childhood was spent in a swimming pool. Convinced I was either a mermaid or a synchronized swimmer, because yes I thought synchronized swimming was cool. Come rain or shine I would swim, but then someone would do something cooler than me in the pool, and cue sulking. 

Perfectionist – Although if you know me now this may be hard to believe, but deep down inside me that perfectionist still lurks… and you should be VERY afraid. Because the 6 year old me wanted to draw a bunny, but what I drew was very far from a bunny and the rage that was taken out on that piece of paper is unspeakable.

Injury-prone – And naturally because I’m Tayla, my injuries weren’t cuts or bruises, although those did happen, mine always took a turn for the weird. Tripping myself with a skipping rope face first on a gravel road. Cricket bat to the head, my sister never was very good at cricket. Brick to the head, I do recall sulking before my cousin threw the brick. Finger slammed in gate, which then led to having a sip of coke that had a bee in. Comforting.

The kind of childhood I never want to forget, and the kid that I pretty much still am…because plasters!

And if I don’t get that many views I’ll probably go sulk and watch some New Girl.


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