As a 20 year old, I am naturally inclined to believe I know everything… which I do, but that’s not the point. It’s the fact that at 20, everything around me influences my opinions and affects decisions I will eventually make, so why not share these opinions.

So at 20, convinced I know what true love is, let me share my infinite wisdom with you!

My badly researched relationship advice loosely based on most movie love stories and other peoples relationships. 

Gossip – No matter how long you’ve been together, if you can still have a good gossip with your partner, he’s a keeper! “You won’t believe who I heard is having affair!?” should start off a pretty decent conversation!

Farts – You know you’re meant to be when you don’t laugh at your partners farts anymore. But never be afraid to giggle at those unexpected ones!

Chocolate Cake – The day a man refuses to bring you a piece of chocolate cake, whatever the reason may be, it’s over. Just the fact that a man thinks he has the right to refuse you a piece of cake should be enough to put you off!

Arguments – If the smoothness of mash potato causes rip roaring arguments, you’re with the one you are supposed to be with. Because if seeing your parents argue about potatoes doesn’t make you believe in love, nothing will!

Pictures – When making the memory becomes more important than the photo you want to post on Facebook, you’ve found love. Yes those pictures are adorable and they make us single folk want to vomit, but how much time did you spend trying to take the selfie and not actually sped time with your selvsies. 

The Mother-in-Law – The moment you have more to say to your significant others mother, it’s over. When you’ve become okay with discussing your health problems with the mom-in-law… Abort Mission.

True Love – Because if there’s anything we’ve learned from Honey Boo Boo, it’s the definition of true love. True love is wearing matching camo t-shirts, loving your partner even if she has a “forklift foot,” using nick names like “Sugar Bear,” buying your kid a pet pig and going to the red-neck Olympics ready to kick ass and take names. Now that’s magic!  

Now take the knowledge I have bestowed upon you and go forth, go forth and love, love like you know Mamma June would!



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