I have officially reached day 15 of living alone and everything they teach you about living alone is a lie. And by they, I mean every American college movie that makes living alone seem oh so rock n roll! But then reality strolls along and BAM! Your’e alone in the kitchen with a slice of toast in your hand, your favourite tin of apricot jam and NO CAN OPENER. Because apparently those don’t come with the house.

‘They’ don’t prepare you for the 2 AM internal debates of whether to get out of bed to take the journey to the bathroom and risk being eaten alive by the creepy nothings lurking around the corner or just live a ‘risk free, I really need to wee” kinda life, all because you need to pee. (Note to self – Don’t drink Oros at bedtime.)

Another piece of information they seemed to have skipped is dishes. You have to wash them… ALL of them, even the pots and pans with all the gross left over food mush in them. Leaving them at them the sink changes nothing, there is no mom to wash the “difficult ones.” 

Oh and TV! Juuuust kidding, I don’t have one of those! I have however gained the ability to quote the four Phineas and Ferb episodes I have on a daily basis, discovered how much I really love Pretty Woman after watching it a third time. DVD’s have saved my life.

The struggle is very real. But I’m having the best time, I even have a cool keyring for all my keys!! I could do with more biscuits though.


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