I’m that kid that went to one of those schools… You know who you are if you went to one of those schools and if you don’t, read on to understand the life of an ACE kid…

1. Seduction. The three body parts that will seduce a man, and MUST be covered at all times! The collar bone, knee caps and most importantly, ankles… you know how boys LOVE them ankles.

Because the fact that we had men around us that were attracted to knee caps wasn’t the concerning bit…

2. Chess. You know in Harry Potter when Ron, Hermoine and Harry play wizards chess and it’s rather violent. That was the equivalent of going to a chess tournament at my kind of high school. I met and competed against some of the scariest, most cocky and kind of aggressive home- schooled kids around. Yes, I play chess.

3. The six inch rule. Yes, the rule that not only saved this planet from teen pregnancy, but also taught me how to compare inches from centimetres.

Just kidding it did neither… Keeping a boy and a girl six inches a part was a thing at school… and no it didn’t work and I still cant tell you what six inches is in centimetres.

4,  If all else fails… bite the lady in charge. I never tried it but if you knew the lady in charge the biter took on a warrior and won! She was a recipient to many high fives and silent cheers!

Forever in love with the rebel Ronny Vain!!


One thought on “4 (Bizarre) Lessons I Learned in Highschool

  1. “Bite the lady in charge” LOL I actually do remember that day, what a legend! Also your thoughts on the six inch rule made me laugh out loud. #GoodTimesBud

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