If you’ve ever attempted an at home hair dye, you know that no matter how many Youtube tutorial videos you’ve watched and Wiki-hows you’ve read, your hair does not end up looking like the beautiful hair model’s hair on the box. What you will end up with is this…

Crime scene – I’ve only ever dyed my hair brown or red and both those colors usually result in your bathroom looking like a horrific crime scene. No matter what you do, you will get hair dye on the floor, mirrors, basin, shower floor and any objects, like that nice new dress I bought, officially ruined with a gross brown stain.

Gloves – Yes we have toilets that flush themselves but for some reason the gloves designed to dye hair aren’t durable enough to last the first five minutes on your hands. You will end up with your hand looking like Dumbledore’s after he touched a cursed object. You know exactly what I mean.

Ombre’ – Officially the word I use for not having bought enough hair dye and having half a head of dark brown hair and the rest an off shade of orange. I should’ve bought 3 bottles.

Vaseline – I dare you not to use it. Your forehead, neck, ears and honestly any skin not coated in it will be stained and you will have to deal with dark marks for the next week at the least.

The worst possible thing that could happen to you though, is a drop of that hair dye somehow making its way into your eye, I’ve been lucky enough to somehow have flicked an entire string of dye coated hair into my eye. You don’t know what the struggle is until you stumbled around blindly in excruciating pain while knowingly staining your face and everything around you while trying to find the tap.

But after a real good wash up and an hour spent with the curling iron, nothing beats that moment you see your freshly dyed hair! Just ignore the red stains on your lower chin!


2 thoughts on “At Home Hair Dye

  1. Actually, these are really nice tips to look for when trying to dye hair at home.
    Yeah my mom tried it sometimes and she gets stains on here ears. Eveytime!

    How stressful though!

    This was a fun read 🙂

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