There are all these articles and lists that explain what it’s like to have a sister, with titles like “Fifteen Truths All Sisters Know to Be True,” but having a sister like mine, the list has a few, sometimes random additions to it.

So here’s mine,

“Six Truths Only Tayla Will Know Because Sarah is Her Sister”

Torture. Sarah will torture you throughout your childhood, she will wrap you in a blanket until the point you are convinced you are going to die. She will bang on the bathroom window and make it back to the lounge in time to convince you it wasn’t her.

She will spoil you, she will get her boyfriend in on purchasing One Direction tickets, with no judgement. She will buy you biltong and prawn chips just because you love them. This isn’t even mentioning the hand me down clothes, that may or may not have been stolen from her cupboard.

The inside jokes are endless. You can be sure that Ben Affleck and Charlize Theron will be mentioned at each others weddings.Only we know why. Moodsville is a real thing, if only to us, we’ve even had handshakes. We’re just cool like that.

There is a special kind of anger a sister feels when you tear her Guess jeans. I’m not saying I’ve felt the wrath of this anger, but just so you know, hiding said torn jeans is not a good idea. She will find them…and then she will find you.

I have heard a lot of “Oh my goodness, you’re Sarah’s sister!” and, ” Oh wow you guys look so alike.” Which comes as no surprise, knowing that she is my sister. But you know you’ve reached a new level of cool when Sarah is your sister and not just Sarah’s sister.

I have the hands of an 70 year old all thanks to the hundreds of back massages I’ve given. Simultaneously I was taught the art of bribery. The only reason I ever gave those massages. Everything I know I learned from the master.

90% of all phone calls will start with an Asian accent, I don’t know why but it is what it is. Yes we have caller ID but maaaaybe just maybe I’ll think an Asian is calling me from your phone.

The kind of love that lasts even though you love Justin Bieber. Real love:)

Love you sister friend!


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