Now I don’t want to call myself a hero, but if you must know, I am a hero. Have I saved a life? Oh yes. Am I going to brag about this?? Hells yes. I’m saving the humble for the pie.

What you should know though, everything I am about to tell you is very true,I honestly don’t know how I get myself into these situations.

This chilling experience, (see that right there, my first lame pun,) took place a long time ago, I think I was around 7 years old and my biggest concern in the world was making sure I had a big enough variety of pajamas. I also spent a lot of my time just following my dad around, which was exactly what I did on that day… while following him around, I was joined by a friend who politely followed along

I realize now, this story isn’t saying much about my dad’s watchful eye because he lost me, not only did he lose me, he forgot about me, and to make it even worse, he locked me in a fridge. Yes, my own dad accidentally locked me in a walk in freezer. The kind that has gross, raw, meaty cows hanging in it, it was basically the beginning of a bad horror movie.

It was cold, gross and the girl I was with wouldn’t stop crying Looking back, I was probably way more annoyed with her making a noise than I was by the fact I was about to freeze to death… It was around this time I became a hero, all I actually did was scream loud enough for someone to realize they had locked two kids in a fridge, which eventually led to someone freeing us, so yes, I am a hero.

Other than the fact I saved a life, pretty much had a role in my own version of Frozen, I do believe this is where my undying love for biltong began.. Being stuck with the raw animals for 20 minutes sure does create a bond like no other.



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