This one is for Megan de Lange, because remember that time we went to Mossel Bay together and had the best time EVER.

Our holidays mostly consisted of sunburn, ice-cream, a bad rash and getting into trouble, and the obvious thing to do would be to list these memories in detail and share it with all of you. Here it goes…

Remember that time we went for a walk and those guys shouted from the rooftop to us and we decided to wave back at them…and then we got home and your dad asked why we waved at guys. I NEARLY DIED. How did he know?!

Then there was the time we found an eagle just chilling on the ground… I screamed so loud even David almost peed himself. Then we went and asked neighbors if they were missing an eagle.Because people obviously just lose eagles.

I’m sure you remember the time you lost your bikini top in the sea and I swam away from you because the lifeguard was telling us to swim to the right place and I almost drowned because I was laughing so much when I heard the lifeguard say, “Uh kan ek jou help?”

I will never forget the time you made me go horse riding at the crack of dawn, I should never be asked to do anything that involves being active or interaction with a living creature before 7AM.

I know we will both always remember that amazing sarmie we ate?? Honest to goodness the best thing I’ve ever eaten. Seriously, try this! White bread, butter, strawberry jam, slap chips and canned mussels. Not even kidding right now.

I can’t forget the times we would just walk for hours, eating ice- cream jamming hard to Poker Face and Just Dance, we were such rebels listening to Lady Gaga.We were just hardcore.

And don’t even get me started on what boy magnets we were! With our burnt, peeling faces, suuuper attractive saltwater hair frizz, that SEXY walk we did when we didn’t want our thighs to touch because of the chaffing. Oh we just couldn’t keep them at bay!

Then there was the hours we would sit on those two beds and just laugh, laugh, prank call, do our hair, recover from sunburn, laugh some more, chat on mxit, plan on making friends (we were cool like that), take selfies, (before they were cool), and so much more laughing.

We are forever, you will always be my buddy, my dude, my Taylor Swift song duet partner, my partner in crime when we would steal cheese and ice-cream, my food eater, my none milk drinker, my biltong provider, ,y One Tree Hill introducer, my best friend, my forever.

And yes Aunty Carmen, it was always us who ate the ice-cream… ALWAYS.


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