I’ve always had a thing for scaring people, like I went through a phase when I did my best to scare my family. ALL the time. And tonight I found my long lost love for scaring people when the opportunity arose to scare my housemate. I I took it with both hands and ran with it!

It all started when I did actually get a fright because of a weird shadow I saw in the kitchen which I shared with Amy, said housemate, and she was also extremely freaked out. Working late tonight, the idea dawned on me just go give her a simple fright. Oh how that idea blossomed.

At around 8PM I crept around outside the house hoping she was in her room so I could go knock on her window, but instead I found Tsotsi on our balcony and so it began… After managing to signal him that I was there I told him to go inside and tell Amy he just saw a really big shadow go past her and he was freaked out, little did I know he would be even better at selling it than me. The giggles started the moment I heard Amy freaking out.. ┬áThat was my cue for the next phase…

I ran down the stairs and around the house to our neighbors house and got him to open the door that connected our place to his and listened to more of Amy freaking out, “NO TSOTSI! Tayla has also seen a shadow in the house! Something is going on!” So the next step was to involve Mzwa who joined in without hesitation. He walked into our place asking Amy who opened his door because it was suddenly wide open and it can’t be opened. And cue more freaking out. And A LOT more giggles.

I slammed the door once more trying to make it even worse and then ran to our door and casually “came home from work,” to hear all the deets on the horror story I was missing out on! The video is BEST.

Amy had to lock up shop and desperately wanted me to come with and I joined her, thanks to my stealthy texting skills I asked Tsotsi to run to our place and open all our cupboard doors, and this guy is good. Even I was freaked out when I walked into our kitchen! It was legit a scene from paranormal activity! My acting skills went mad and I freaked out, but laughed too, with my excuse, “I laugh when I’m scared dude!”

You know the fear is real when Amy is quiet and anointing oil is mentioned, but did I tell her? Nope. I’m very obviously a terrible person. The best reveal was obviously to tag her in a Facebook status and laugh at her, and then follow it up with a blog post. Yes karma is a thing, but I can revel in my genius until she comes around!


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