Nothing pains me more than my existence being questioned by people that just don’t get it. And boy are there are A LOT of them. A day doesn’t go by without a bunch of a-holes giving their opinion on whatever I might be doing, wearing, or saying. The start of this post does sound like the blog of angry girl annoyed at the world, when it’s really me just letting you know that NO ONE CARES. Because these are the people that have played the biggest part in keeping me who I am. Myself.

Somehow, you thought it appropriate to tell me I look prettier without glasses on. You thought it so strange that I could be a Beyonce fan. It was nice to tell me I should wear my hair a certain way because you prefer it straight. You thought it okay to comment on my ass because I was wearing tight jeans. You had the class to call me a “plan for the winter.” You called me a bitch because I prioritized my job before you.  You had to comment on why I love to eat. Oh. No. You. Didn’t. Don’t even get me started on the, “If only’s…” If only you lost a bit of weight, or if only you were blonde.

Then it occurred to me that, damn straight I look pretty without glasses on, but what’s sexier than a woman that can see you. I simply listened to Single Ladies and the whole “I love Yonce” thing made sense again. I curled my hair and yeah even with a chunk of fringe missing I know this hair is perfect. I wore my skinnies and worked the ‘tight jeans, big dreams’ look. I realized how true the term, ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’ really is. Actually, I’m still busy prioritizing work, I’ll get back to you. Oh. No. You. Didn’t… Just eat a piece of my biltong.  If only I knew how to care about that.

And in the wise words of someone famous who posted a really cool quote image on Pinterst, ” A woman should be two things, who and whatever the fuck she wants.”

Because no matter how opinionated you are, and no matter how convinced you are thick eyebrows aren’t cool, I will keep doing me. Thick eyebrows and all. #CaraDelevingne


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