Talk to any girls my age and heartbreak is something we can talk about for hours. Without fail the stories will eventually lead all the way back to their first heartbreak. The boy that made them feel what it is to love and then fall into a pit of hurt and anger. Every girl has one, even this cool kid right here, but my first heart break was different.

The first time I had my heart ripped to shreds, it was all because of that beautiful fat man, suited up in that red outfit, who made his way down the chimney, (that we didn’t have), every year without fail just to bring me a gift. Yes, Father Christmas. A man whom with my relationship consisted of 93% total undying love, and 7% fear and concern as to why my parents let a strange man into our house. But I had my priorities sorted, gifts from strange men are okay if it’s only once a year and on condition he has reindeer. Flying reindeer.

The actual heartbreak happened a good 7 years into our relationship. The problems started when I would discuss our relationship with my girlfriends, we all know hearing a friend’s opinion on a relationship is definitely the start of bad things. The rumors of him not existing spread like wildfire. But when do you start believing what so many people are saying??

As a daughter, who better to go to with a problem like this to than the parentals. Worst mistake I could have made. You know how now breakups can be done via text, email or voicemail? Imagine your parents ruining your relationship for you, because I don’t need to.

On my way home from school, I decided to brave it and ask my mom the dreaded question… “Is Father Christmas real Mom?” You would think the fact that she blatantly ignored the question would have spoken to me, but if we’re being honest I’m twenty-one and still not the most observant person. The silent trip home didn’t bother me much because no answer was better than no being the answer. Panic sort of struck the moment I saw my mom talking outside to my dad while he was smoking, something was definitely going on. Not much later I was summoned to the back yard because, “we need to tell you something..” said my mom. I hopped onto my moms lap, and these are the words that came out of my dad’s mouth, ” Okay Tayles, I’ll give you a clue… ho ho ho!”

Parenting dad, you’re doing it right.


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