“Everything will be alright, if we just keep dancing like we’re 22,” no Taylor Swift, that’s a LIE.

Because no matter how much I want to live by the lyrics of all Taylor’s songs and believe that shaking it off is the fix it up to everything slightly wrong in my life, I can’t.

Sometimes being 22 sucks. And I’ve got 22 reasons to prove that.

1. Well let’s just start off with that fact that 22 is eight years away from 30. Yikes

2. Kylie Jenner will always have better hair than me, and she’s not even 22.

3. The moving out of home thing.. overrated.

4. Making new friends at 22 is easy, keeping them is what throws you.

5. Because ‘ Pon De Replay ‘ used to be your Riri jam… now life is just like, ” werk, werk, werk…”

6. There isn’t enough time in life to make actual mashed potatoes so you’re using that instamash product that shouldn’t exist

7. Finding the self-confidence in a world constantly telling me how to “fix” my thighs, tummy, nose.

8. Hoping the bridge between adulthood and the weird pre grown up phase doesn’t break while I’m stuck here in the middle.

10. The actual risk of a selfie death. Because now they’re more frequent than death by shark attacks.

11. Somehow trying to not lose hair on my bedroom floor and keep my spirit together simultaneously. Because, long hair, other people care.

12. Making mistakes and realizing that is okay. If you’re going to learn a lesson 22 sounds like a good time.

13.  One Tree Hill hasn’t been on TV since you were 18. I still miss you Nathan.

14. Realizing maybe 3 of the many friends you loved in high school care.

15. Keeping up with trends… are chokers really a thing again?

16. Somehow trying to follow through with not falling for ‘ peer pressure ‘ but questioning why we were never taught to not pressure our peers instead.

17. Seeing some 22 year olds that have their shit together and here you are making that instamash.

18. Living the ‘One Direction minus Zayne, religious Bieber and Donald Trump for preseident’ life at 22. I don’t even know. ”

19. Finding the strength to get through a day where things just aren’t okay.


21. Still believing in the dreams I have despite the people that have aged and forgotten how to be 22

22. So I could keep going but that would ruin the whole point of the punny about T. Swift and her song. There are days life sucks and those are the days you have to bite your tongue, pretend to like the person, pray a bit, cry some, read a book, watch New Girl, instagram a Starbucks coffee, snapchat a vent sesh, just don’t ever stop being the fabulous 22 year old you are. You are brilliant. Xx


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