Them ,” Oh no, Tayla! You cut your hair! ”

Uh yes, I am aware of that..

” But why?? ”

…. oh wait, you actually want me to give you an answer??

The back story to this post which really had me considering changing my blog name to Tayla Rants pretty much involves me getting a hair cut. That’s it. Not deciding to sugically remove one or two ribs to have a smaller waist, a haircut.

This haircut definitely taught me that I am nothing more than the length of my hair. My beauty was all in the length of my hair. My personality was nothing more than the flowing locks I had. I have shoulder length hair now and I don’t know if my life will ever be the same again. I am Samson, and they are all Delilah’s. ( Thanks for this reference Lofdal)

So to the Delilah’s that had something to say, which ranged from, ” oh it’s quite short hey, ” to “oh you look nice but I loved the long hair, ” to the very common ” but why did you do it?? ” I finally have an answer for you.

Putting me on the spot resulted in responses about the Florida heat, or because I had to trim my split ends, or the lame, ” I need a change ” excuse.

I realize now the answer was right in front of me. And it’s none of your motherfudging business Delilah.

I’m not going to do what suits your preferences, I’m not going to feel less beautiful because I look a bit different, I’m not going to feel like I’m being treated differently because I cut my hair.



Side Bar

The removing ribs to have a smaller waist, TRUE STORY.


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