When you spend an ENTIRE year living at the MOST magical place on earth and you share maybe two blogposts. 

The pleasure was all mine, internet. 

But on the realist of notes, how do you explain to everyone what that year was?
I’ve already been back home to South Africa and I’ve proved I don’t have an American accent, my friends and family have eaten all the Reeses I got them, I’ve eaten ALL the biltong they got me, I’ve told them some of the stories, I’ve cried most of the tears, happy and sad, but what was my year living and working at Disney World?  

Yes of course it was magical, and life changing and THE BEST, but what was it REALLY?? 

My year was made up of moments, moments of extreme happiness, heartbreak and everything in between.

It was realizing I actually don’t mind baked beans, as long as they are drowning in smoked barbeque sauce. It was not killing one lizard in my entire year, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t responsible for the one squished in the house door.

My year was going to Magic Kingdom alone, not smiling at anyone and sipping on that delicious iced coffee, because therapy. My year was polishing silverware, it was explaining that I am white and African, and NOT British. 

My year was learning that I should NEVER say someone is Puerto Rican when they are obviously Peruvian. It was adding to the intfinite playlist that was the soundtrack my year. It was getting infected with Red Tide and surviving to tell the tale.

My year was not spotting one aligator, it was understanding football and realizing I don’t care for basball but crying when the Cubs won. My year was a year of very Happy Mondays, and not so great Tuesdays. It was pretending I knew the exact words of Shosaloza. 

My year was being on the 5:39AM bus to work and wishing for nothing more than to never have to ride the J bus again. It was a year of losing my key and locking myself out way to many times. It was never eating one of those damn Africa cookies. 

My year was trying, it was a perfect mixture of barbeque and mayo for my cafeteria fries. It was the impressive sprint that clocked me in on the hour. It was going to the places only we know. It was disguising the one drum beat I knew among the better beats. 

My year was chilling in the side stations and watching server drama unfold. It was the battle of the right temperature for our apartment. It was forgetting my passport and ruining everyones night at Walgreens. 

My year was regretting learning what a four loko was, it was late night and early mornings exploring of the Wilderness Campsites, it was taking too many ER’s. It was looking when someone shouted “mira.”

My year was overeating at any buffet I went to, it was meeting kids that taught me magic is real, it was drinking butterbeer and knowing that life doesn’t get better than that. It was digging holes on the beach because we can.

My year was Christmas with my best friend, it was sharing headphones to get through the bus trip home. It was the meteor shower. It was working the New Year shift and getting stuck in 2AMDisney traffic. 

My year was getting lost in Vista EVERY TIME I went there. It was knowing I would have a good time every time I saw Trevor, it was Publix chicken and trying to figure out what the difference is between sweet tea, tea, and iced tea and the one that is half tea half lemonade.

My year was cinnamon pretzels and hot chocolate. It was crying under the Osborne lights, getting the feels the first time I saw any fireworks show. It was the humidity, the kind that gives the butt sweats.

My year was a mess, it was a beautiful mess of friends, exhaustion, moments, magic, tears, laughs, anger, late busses, terrible food, memories and I wouldn’t change a thing. Not even the managers.

It was my Disney 2016 and I can’t believe it’s over but there’s always enough magic left over to find a new adventure! 

Hello 2017 xx


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